Coppermine Photo Gallery v1.5.x: Documentation and Manual

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About Coppermine

Coppermine Photo Gallery (CPG) is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script with built-in support for other multi-media/data files. The gallery can be private, accessible to registered users only, and/or open to all visitors to your site. Users, if permitted, can upload pictures with their web browser (thumbnail and intermediate sized images are created on the fly during the upload stage), rate pictures, add comments and even send e-cards. The site administrator determines which of the features listed above are accessible by registered and non-registered users. The site administrator can also manage galleries and batch process large numbers of pictures that have been uploaded onto the server by FTP.

Image files are stored in albums and albums can be grouped into categories, which in turn, can be further grouped under parent categories. The script supports multiple users and provides the administrator of the website with tools to manage which user groups can or cannot have personal albums, send ecards, or add comments. Users may also upload to public albums if the website administrator permits it. Permissions to create albums, upload and delete files are all determined by the website administrator.

Coppermine has an optional user selectable theme system with a number of themes pre-installed. It also supports the use of multiple languages and contains it's own language library. These language files provide users of your gallery to access the gallery in their preferred languages. Coppermine uses PHP, a MySQL database, and either the GD library (version 1.x or 2.x) or ImageMagick as image libraries to generate and keep records and file information of all thumbnails, intermediate, and full-sized images. Coppermine generates the html code necessary to display its various categories, sub-categories, albums, intermediate, and full-sized image displays dynamically. This drastically cuts down on the number of files and space your gallery would require using standard HTML. The install script (install.php) makes it quick and easy to get started.

Coppermine uses the jquery JavaScript/Ajax-library for a rich user experience and easy customization.

Coppermine is free, open source software and can be used both for personal sites as well as for commercial use. It is being released und the GNU GPL license, version 3, which has been approved by the OSI.

About the documentation

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Coppermine comes with many features. Below you'll find an incomplete list. Features that are new in cpg1.5.x (compared to cpg1.4.x) are marked accordingly.


What's next?

There's a number of pages within this documentation that beginners should start with: