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Venus light


Venus light animation

The light from Venus captured in the hot air stream from an airplane engine.

I shot a series of 12 frames in 2,4 sec, as the plane passed the planet Venus.

Below is 3 selected frames, in the first frame venus light lits up the hot airstream from the right engine, the next frame 0,2 sec later, in the last frame another 0,2 sec later, the hot airstream has moved to the right, and is illuminated by the venus light. All 12 frames is combined in a gif-animation, the framerate is 5 fps as it was captured, with a little stop in the two interesting frames. 

See animation 2,4mb large picture

Canon 20D with a 500mm Mamiya lens @ f/8  1/500 sec iso 400

Dec. 16. 2005 16:09 local time

Venus light animation

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